Our new flexible kayak, exclusive for Europe. It can be paddled Solo or Tandem with three seating positions. In the Solo position, there is plen…

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Our AdvancedFrame range of kayaks comprise a series of 4 day touring kayaks designed for paddling farther distances in a day. Read more »


The Lagoon kayaks comprise of the Lagoon 1-person kayak and the Lagoon2 1- or 2-person kayak. They are recreational models designed for the casual paddler interested in recreational activities on calmer waters. Read more »

AirFusion EVO Kayak

The AirFusion Elite is an expedition touring kayak designed for extended trips involving long distances over mulitple day. The design is a unique mix between an inflatable and a folding frame kayak. Read more »

Island Voyage

The new Island Voyage kayak for single or tandem use. Lightweight and with excellent tracking performance.


  • Pointed bow with Rocker
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The StraitEdge range is a series of 3 sit-on-top kayaks designed for optimum whitewater performance and activities such as fishing, swimming, snorkelling, and diving. Read more »


The FireFly kayak is designed to be a compact, durable, and lightweight recreational inflatable kayak equipped with several unique features that make it the perfect family product for spending time on the water. Read more »


The PackLite Kayak is an extremely compact and ultra-light recreational inflatable kayak perfect for paddling in the most remote locations. Weighing in at only 1.6 kg. Read more »

Friday Harbour

Our Friday Harbour line of boats have been designed to meet the needs of recreational users at very attractive price points and are sure to inspire the adventure way. Read more »


The Attack kayak is a self-bailer made for full white-water. Read more »

The Evolution of Inflatable Kayaks



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